THE BLING RING Trailer Steals The Hearts Of The Heartless

Emma Watson's tongue wants you to see its new movie

Other than the simple pleasure of watching Emma Watson kick ass, I'm not certain where the appeal for The Bling Ring lay. Sofia Coppola's new film definitely looks eager to satirize both youth and celebrity culture, but the viciousness of her attack remains to be seen.

What this trailer does display, however, is pretty much the entire plot of the film, unless it's only the first half, and The Bling Ring is way more interesting than it lets on. We see Emma Watson and her crew get into the game, enjoy the game, and get shut down by the man, which adheres to the typical three act structure for this kind of film.

I'm excited to find out exactly what kind of movie this is going to supply, though. I know precious little about it, but the plot appears to rub up against some of the same themes as Spring Breakers. Will it feel too similar? Or will The Bling Ring offer a different enough narrative experience to stand on its own? Most importantly, how funny will it be? This trailer is big on partying, but doesn't start throwing down jokes until the end. They're pretty good jokes, so it's hard to say.

We'll find out when The Bling Ring opens June 14. In the meantime, let's all send positive vibes to Rupert Grint and his post-Harry Potter film slate. He was my favorite.

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