Get Cossbysweater’s Debut Album Today!

You won't regret it, my friends. 

We've posted a few songs from Allison Goertz here at BAD, and she guest-starred on the Fake Geek Girls episodes of Badass Digest (part one and part two), so we feel very lucky to consider her a friend of BAD. She's an immensely talented songwriter and musician who, not for nothing, also happens to be a prodigious nerd.

She (often with her friend Megan Barrett) has songs about Milhouse and Maeby and Hobbits and Navin Johnson and Sam Weir. They're all clever and geeky and really, really pretty, and now she has a debut album, under her band (and Twitter) name Cossbysweater. I own it, and you should too! It's a beautiful album full of really smart references that apply very specifically to the BAD crowd, so I feel confident in asserting that you guys will love it

You can get a digital or a hard copy HERE, along with a poster or t-shirt. (And you can read a really cool profile of Allie here.) Support original work by super talented nerds - that's what it's all about, after all.  

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