Make Yourself Into A STAR TREK Toy

If any of you loved me, you'd buy me this.

Cubify, a 3D printing company, is now offering the coolest geek toy imaginable: a version of yourself in an original series Star Trek outfit. 

How amazing is that?

It costs $70, which some might find steep, but which seems like a bargain to me. The figures are three inches tall, and they sport your face. You send in a front shot and a profile to Cubify, make some choices (sex, rank and which division) and Cubify sends you a toy of you. In Starfleet. In the best costume!

They're probably going to be adding more costume types (they're running a poll as to which variation should come next), but in the meantime enjoy this 3D printing marvel. According to Engadget the Cubify system can't handle glasses, which is probably a problem for the hardcore Trek fanbase, but the figures they ended up with seem pretty good to me in general. 

By the way, tomorrow is my half-birthday. Just in case you were wondering.