Warner Bros Hopes To Roll A Natural 20 On New DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Movie

Don't get too excited, it's written by the WRATH OF THE TITANS guy.

As popular and influential as it has been over the years, the Dungeons & Dragons role playing game has never broken through in other media. The cartoon series was pretty great when you were of a certain age, I guess, but the movies - two of them! - were dismal pieces of shit. It's always seemed like it could be a hit (See: Rings, Lord of the), but nobody's ever made it work.

Until now, maybe. Warner Bros is going in on a new D&D movie, and they're probably taking it very seriously. That's the good news. The bad news is everybody attached to it. Courtney Solomon, the inept filmmaker who directed the first, is a producer - but I'm sure that's much more of a contractual thing. I can't imagine WB letting him have any serious input. Roy Lee, the king of remaking Asian movies, is also producing. I have sort of a knee-jerk reaction to Lee's name being attached to a project; I always assume - perhaps unfairly - that the Roy Lee movies that work (The Departed, for instance) do so despite him.

But producers are producers. What about the other talent? There's already a script, it turns out, and it has an interesting history. It was a script WB commissioned a year ago based on Chainmail, the medieval miniatures war game that Gary Gygax created before D&D (elements of a Chainmail expansion set made their way into the first edition Dungeons & Dragons, mostly monsters and spells). The studio has decided to retrofit that script into a legit Dungeons & Dragons film. That's cool. Unfortunately the script was written by the guy who wrote Wrath of the Titans and Red Riding Hood (2011), David Leslie Johnson. The plus side is that Johnson wrote Orphan, one of the most awesome movies ever. Maybe he just got boned on those other movies? Or was Orphan the lucky strike?

Maybe it's fitting that a non-D&D script is becoming the Dungeons & Dragons movie. The first attempt at a D&D movie had the D&D stripped out and became Krull.