Get Decadent With THE GREAT GATSBY Feast At The Alamo!

It'll be keen, old sport!

Join us for The Great Gatsby Feast at the Alamo Drafthouse! Pair Baz Luhrmann's feast for the eyes with a feast for your tummy. We've got an intensely delicious menu stacked up for you, and participating theaters will also have these incredible cocktail pairings!

Prepare yourself for this tasty business: 

We can all get behind this, can't we? I'm hosting the feast at the Houston Alamo Drafthouse Vintage Park on May 14, and I'm more than a little jazzed. 

Get your tickets below!

Austin Lake Creek May 14 or Slaughter May 15

Denver May 14

Houston Vintage Park May 14

Kansas City May 15

San Antonio Park North May 15

Winchester May 16

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