Kill With The Power Of Dubstep In SAINTS ROW IV

New game footage showcases the most dangerous of weapons.

It might be true that music can sooth even the savage beast, but dubstep has the power to corrupt and destroy.

The producers of Saints Row IV understand this and have included a dubstep gun as one of the weapons in your arsenal. It's exactly what it sounds like - a gun that emits a concentrated blast of dubstep that basically makes people recreate that now-classic Key and Peele sketch. Anyone you point it on will dance uncontrollably until they die. (Now that's what I call a drop! Huddlah huddlah)

See it for yourself in this gameplay demo narrated by Volition's senior producer Jim Boone, based on a demo they gave at PAX East.

As you'll see the game has plenty of other ridiculous things to offer - they're taking this series in an even more over-the-top direction as your gang leader becomes the President of the USA and gains super powers to fight off alien invaders. Running around the city like the Flash and throwing people around with telekinesis just looks ridiculously fun. Saints Row IV hits August 20th.

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