Zack Braff Now Has Mandy Patinkin On His Side

You go against Patinkin, you pa-stinkin.

Everyone thought that Zach Braff's kickstarter film, Wish I Was Here - the already booked at Sundance story of a manic depressive, bi-polar single father who must battle the throes of aging while taking care of a precocious adopted Asian kid all to the soothing sounds of Paul Simon's Graceland covered in its entirety by Vampire Weekend as well as the Pink Floyd song "Wish You Were Here," also covered by Vampire Weekend except with the pronoun "You" changed to "I" to match the focal point of the film - was going to be a film they could either help pay to make or just ignore forever. But they were wrong.

True to his $100,000 donation pledge, Braff has hired tremelo tenor supreme Mandy Patinkin to join the film. He will be playing Braff's father, Fraff. Whether we're talking about charming, shaved Patinkin, or bearded Unibomber Patinkin all depends on how many $200,000 Braff recieves.

Little as the world needs more films about depressed nerds, we do have a dearth of Patinkin in cinemas. Perhaps this will help turn all that around if we just support it. Don't be a patator hater.

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