New X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST Pic All But Confirms Who Dinklage Is Playing

It rhymes with Bolivar Trask.

Bryan Singer continues to tweet pictures from the set of X-Men: Days of Future Past, and his latest photo has a guy in a jumpsuit that marks him as an employee of Trask Industries. For those not in the know, Trask Industries would be owned by a fellow named Bolivar Trask, who created the giant mutant-hunting robots known as The Sentinels. They're among the most iconic foes the X-Men have ever faced in the comics, but they've never really made the jump to the movies (they sort of show up in a Danger Room sequence in one film). 

This means that Peter Dinklage is almost certainly playing Bolivar Trask, a guess people had been making for some time. He has the mustache, and we know his role wasn't written for a dwarf, and Trask isn't a dwarf in the comics. 

Trask was never a favorite villain of mine, but I like the Sentinels. The big question is this: will the movie include Nimrod, the baddest ass Sentinel of all? After all, 90% of people think Nimrod is a put-down, and have no idea of its true meaning, which is basically 'mighty hunter' and comes from Noah's grandson in Genesis. My understanding - seriously - is that Bugs Bunny's sarcastic use of the term when dealing with Elmer Fudd has forever tainted it. 

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