Jesse Eisenberg Starts Earning Entry In Badass Hall Of Fame

The actor knows how to deal with a hacky video interviewer.

This doesn't make me want to bother seeing Now You See Me, but it does make me like Jesse Eisenberg just a little bit more.

In this video he is being interviewed by a reporter from some site called Fusion, and it quickly becomes apparent she's kind of a dimwit. I've done lots of junkets with people like this - they don't know much about movies, they have some gimmicky schtick they want to do on camera, they're not even familiar with the film at hand - and they're always terrible. Just awful people. I don't know how filmmakers and actors sit down while these dorks parade through all day long. And it is all day long - I guarantee Eisenberg spent hours upon hours sitting in a stuffy hotel room having interviewers, most asking variations on the same questions, cycling through every four minutes. 

In this video Eisenberg starts off trying to be charming and funny. It quickly goes south. He pretty much proceeds to dismantle the interviewer ("You're the Carrot Top of interviewers" is one of the great lines I've ever heard come from a junket interview) in a way that would make Tommy Lee Jones - notorious for making junketeers cry - proud. I laughed and laughed. 

For the record, I've had some really terrible interviews. Sometimes I've felt like the talent was kind of mean to me. Every time I felt like it was because of me - I wasn't prepared enough, I wasn't finding the right vibe for this person, I wasn't coming correct. Being an on-camera interviewer isn't just about sitting there and reeling off a list of prepared questions. It's hard, especially when you only have four or five minutes, but that's why it's a job.

To read the interviewer's version of the story, click here. I don't think she does herself many favors. 

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