Bad Stuff Abounds In This OUT OF THE FURNACE Trailer

Spoilers: They end up INTO THE FIRE.

People need to stop being pals/brothers/boyfriends with Casey Affleck. He will always lead you into trouble. For instance, here we have Out of the Furnace, in which Affleck fails to throw a boxing match and ends up missing or dead, leaving his brother, Christian Bale, to come save or avenge him.

Directed by Crazy Heart director, Scott Cooper, Out of the Furnace looks about as dirty and greasy as a movie can get, but it also looks like it's going to have some rough action and great character actors. I am also going to wager a guess that it has a largely unhappy ending. We all like to have fun with Woody Harrelson, but every once in a while he plays a bad guy, and then you remember how much he scares the shit out of you.

Overall, I'm looking forward to this, though I'm not sure "Release Me" works as a trailer song. What do you think? About Pearl Jam, not the movie.

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