SDCC 2013: It’s Official - Superman Vs Batman Is Coming In 2015

The next Superman movie will feature the Caped Crusader.

“"I want you to remember my hand at your throat. I want you to remember the one man who beat you."

That line, one of the best moments in Frank Miller’s seminal, genre-changing The Dark Knight Returns, is what Zack Snyder used to announce his next movie: a film that has both Superman and Batman. The film is untitled, is currently dated for summer 2015 and that’s all we know.

Snyder was quick to say that the quote didn’t mean they were adapting TDKR; rather it informs what this movie will be. So expect Batman and Superman to be at odds, and duking it out. We have to assume this is how Kryptonite is introduced into the rebooted Superman movie universe, that Bruce Wayne finds it.

What will the film be called? It can’t be Man of Steel 2. I’d love it if they went old school and called it World’s Finest, but that might be too square for the new, darker Superman.

The other question is who will be Batman? They’re going into production next year according to Warner Bros, so they’re going to have to find their new Batman quite quickly. Will they attempt to tie it into the Nolan films? Is this a Batman reboot? We’ll know more soon.

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