Tyler Perry Will Definitely Be In David Fincher’s GONE GIRL

FINALLY we get a reason to see this movie.

Not that long ago, the notion that Tyler Perry could star in a David Fincher film became a real possibility. Now it is confirmed reality. Which devalues reality.

Deadline reports that Tyler Perry will be playing a character named Tanner Bolt (God, you are good to me) in David Fincher's upcoming Gone Girl. This Tanner Bolt guy probably can't run super fast, but he will be Ben Affleck's attorney in the film. That likely means at least a couple expository mini-monologues where he lays harsh truths down upon Batman's feet. This is a good life.

Seriously, Tyler Perry is not a horrible actor. I'm not sure why he wants to do this, however. From what I've gathered, the Alex Cross experience was not one of his favorites. We're going to hear a bunch of lines about how Perry took the role because he's such a huge Fincher fan. I never believe any of that stuff, though.

More curious than why Tyler Perry took the role, is why David Fincher offered it in the first place. Are they friends? Does Fincher really like Tyler Perry's films? It is a marketing thing? The Deadline article claims Fincher's interest came from Alex Cross, but I have trouble with that one. While I don't think Tyler Perry is a bad actor, his very presence is a distracting novelty, an unnecessary hurdle that could stop the film dead whenever he's onscreen. Is that what Fincher is going for?

And while we're speaking of Tyler Perry weirdness, I guess I might as well drop this gem (brought to my attention by Evan Dickson):

And this:

You are welcome.

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