Errol Morris To Be Inducted To The Badass Hall Of Fame At Fantastic Fest!

The legendary documentarian will show his new film, THE UNKNOWN KNOWN, and join the ranks of the most badass people in the world! Plus: see the poster debut.

How do you interview one of the greatest interviewers of our time? I best figure it out, because I'll be inducting Errol Morris into the Badass Hall of Fame at Fantastic Fest, where he'll be doing a Q&A and presenting his new film, The Unknown Known (above is the first look of the film's poster!). You might think this film is a departure for Fantastic Fest, as it's a documentary about the life of Donald Rumsfeld, but the Festival has always held a soft spot for hellspawned monsters.

Just kidding! I haven't seen the movie yet, but I bet Morris takes a much more nuanced approach to the life of this very, very divisive man who was behind much of our adventure in Iraq. That's what Errol Morris does: he makes us look at things through new eyes, and allows us to make new discoveries about subjects we thought we already understood. From Gates of Heaven to The Thin Blue Line to The Fog of War, Morris has been recontextualizing our world for decades now.

He's a natural for the Badass Hall of Fame. After all, he's the guy who made Werner Herzog eat his shoe. And he's the guy who invented the Interrotron, an interview system that allows his subjects to maintain eye contact with him while still looking directly into the camera lens. He helped get a man off Death Row with The Thin Blue Line. And most of all Errol Morris has spent his whole career following his own path and his own vision, telling the stories that spoke to him most personally.

i'm honored to be able to induct Errol Morris into the Badass Hall of Fame, and I hope that if you're at Fantastic Fest you'll join me for this celebration of a remarkable filmmaker, as well as a viewing and post-screening Q&A for The Unknown Known. Here's what Morris had to say about this induction:

Thank you. I'll try to have an impeccably bad attitude about this award.

The screening happens Saturday September 21st at the Alamo Lakeline as part of Fantastic Fest. See you there. 

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