First Proof Of FAST AND FURIOUS 7’s Existence Is Here

The most exciting boring photo ever.

Based on its super fast turnaround time, I'm pretty sure Fast and Furious 7 began filming an hour ago and will wrap in the next 90 minutes. Plenty of time to get a good picture.

The photo comes from Vin Diesel's Facebook page, which seems to be ground zero for nearly all pop culture news at the moment. In it we see Diesel and his lover, turned enemy, turned lover, turned bro: Paul Walker. Both are staring pensively at something off in the distance. Perhaps they hear a car being driven long after its suggested oil change.

There's also some lady in the background. She is either dead or asleep. Obviously the sight of all that hot man-ass was too much for her. Note how little our boys give a shit. Obviously, she ain't family.

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