Meet SEPTIC MAN: This Year’s Shittiest Movie

This is a bit NSFW, and possibly L.

Is a trailer for a film like Septic Man even necessary? The concept alone is just about all you need to divide those who will see the film from those who will judge those who see the film.

Basically, Septic Man is about poor working sap who gets stuck in the sewers and appears to turn into some kind of poo-man. If you think poo-men don't deserve the same dignity we offer others, this movie might not be for you. But if you believe in equality for all God's creatures, this is obviously right up your alley.

Septic Man will play at this year's Fantastic Fest, so it is very likely that someone from this website will see it and later describe it to you in glorious detail. Judging from this trailer, it's chock full of the poop you expect but throws in a lot of bonus barf as well. Generous.

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