Simon Pegg To Play Badass Assassin In KILL ME THREE TIMES

A Square Pegg can fit into any hole.

Director Kriv Stenders made a surprisingly huge (in Australia) movie called Red Dog (that's not a badass code name or anything - it's actually about a red dog. Again, Australia). Now he's following it up with Kill Me Three Times, a crime story told from three different points of view. If we're really lucky, Lindsay Lohan will star in the trilogy capper, Now I Know Who Killed Me Three Times.

But let's not get ahead of ourselves. Stenders still has to make this one first. Luckily, Kill Me Three Times has an assassin character who will be played by Simon Pegg. We all love Pegg, and the actor has long ago left behind any idea that he lacks range. The idea of him playing a cold blooded killer sound pretty exciting. I can see him being quite terrifying, if that's the tone they're going for.

Pegg will be joined by Luke Hemsworth (the old lady who lived in a shoe was apparently a Hemsworth), Teresa Palmer, Alice Braga, and Bryan Brown.

Here's a full synopsis:

A singer in a surf town (Braga) is the link between three tales of murder, blackmail, and revenge. Pegg plays an assassin hired by the singer’s husband (Mulvey); Stapleton is a gambling addict trying to pay off his debts through a life insurance scam masterminded by Palmer’s small town Lady Macbeth. Brown is a corrupt cop and Hemsworth plays a surfer trying to save Braga from her would-be killer.

Sounds slightly less than interesting, but Pegg's involvement kind of changes things.