Report From Fantastic Fest Day One!

Tacos, explosions, mariachi bands and more - it's Fantastic Fest Day One!

Greetings from sunny Fantastic Fest! No, just kidding, it's super gross here. It's pouring, which means it's a perfect day to eat queso, drink beer and watch a whole bunch of movies in a cozy theater. It's Fantastic Fest Day Two, and things are going swimmingly. 

Last night we had the red carpet world premiere of Robert Rodriguez's MACHETE KILLS with Rodriguez and stars Danny Trejo and Alexa Vega in attendance. It was pretty much the perfect way to kick off a festival so utterly dedicated to chaos. (photos by Jack Plunkett)

We also had premieres of COHERENCE (with James Byrkit, Maury Sterling, Emily Foxler and Alex Manugian in attendance), PATRICK (including Sharni Vinson, Antony Ginnane, Justin King and Mark Hartley) and ALMOST HUMAN (with Joe Begos, Josh Ethier, Graham Skipper and Jon Killoran). Great films and incisive Q&As made for a really strong opening night of movies. (photos by David Hill and Arnold Wells.)

And of course we closed the night down with the MACHETE KILLS opening party. We had a taco truck, Dia de las Paletas' ice cream truck, a mariachi band, custom nail stations, Tim League dispensing shots out of his holster and LOTS of explosions. And yet everyone lived! It was a miracle. (photos by David Hill)

So meet us back here tomorrow for another report from the frontlines, and thanks for your patience with us this week, you dear, beloved BAD guys. We're all at Fantastic Fest so non-FF coverage is going to be hella light, but next week we'll double up on the scoop to make up for it.

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