Will The Next FRIDAY THE 13th Be Found Footage?

The Jason Voorhees Project could be coming to theaters.

The next Friday the 13th movie will be the 13th film. That's pretty impressive, a real milestone sort of number. And it could be squandered by making the film a found footage movie. 

This is a rumor that has been swirling around for a while, and today Ryan Turek of Shock Til You Drop tweeted that he is hearing that the found footage angle is still developing, with the producers taking pitches for a found footage F1313

This bums me out. I love this series, and I think the Friday the 13th reboot was actually really good, and in the spirit of the franchise and - honestly - the only way to go after the left turns the series had made in the last few movies. I was looking forward to the long-gestating pitch commissioned script from writers Damian Shannon and Mark Swift, who wanted to take the next film out of the summer setting and have Jason killing kids in the snow. I would have even welcomed the reboot series introducing its own version of Tommy Jarvis.

But found footage? Besides the fact that I hate the aesthetic it's too much like the Rolling Stones playing disco - let the culture come to you, guys. The only way I want to see found footage in my Friday the 13th films is as a gag, where the pre-credits opening is found footage and Jason kills the cameraman immediately and smashes the camera. 

It's still pretty early in the process, and maybe somebody will come to their senses and realize found footage isn't the way to go. It will always be one of the great cinematic missed opportunities that Friday the 13th Part XIII didn't happen in 2013, though.

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