What Is Up With This CHARLIE COUNTRYMAN Trailer?

Shia LaBeouf gets his ass kicked. A lot.

This is one of the goofier trailers I've seen in a while. It all starts out well, with Shia LaBeouf making time with a dead guy on an airplane. Twenty-five tonally confusing music cues later, I have no idea what is going on with this movie.

Is it funny? Is it romantic? Is it gloriously violent? Films like True Romance prove that cinema is capable of presenting such a hodgepodge of tones, but they clash against each other big time here. Whether that's just a trailer issue remains to be seen. All I know for sure is that LaBeouf sure goes through a lot of torment. That should please some people. And Rupert Grint is in it!

Charlie Countryman (previously known as The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman) hits theaters and OnDemand November 15.

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