Halloween’s Over. Time For A New A MADEA CHRISTMAS Trailer!

Madea falls into cow shit.

You know I'm excited for this. Not just normal excited, either. Deep in the throes of writing a chapter about Temptation, Tyler Perry's worst, most unwatchable film thus far, nothing sounds better to me than a little Madea meets Larry the Cable Guy action.

Last time, Tyler Perry took Madea to New York. This time, I guess she's going country. We'll see if she stays there longer than ten minutes. Really, my biggest takeaway from this trailer is the promise of another scene where Madea goes on about religion. If you like her inability to remember the Virgin Mary's last name, concluding instead with J. Blige, you should watch I Can Do Bad All By Myself, where Tyler Perry already made that joke, but in a much stranger way since that movie actually features Mary J. Blige playing a fictional character.

Lucky you, I got this from Tyler Perry's Facebook page, which made the entire post embeddable. So not only do you get the trailer, but you get his introduction as well! Enjoy: