Upcoming Killer Wasp Movie, STUNG, Gets A Cool First Still

Starring Lance Henriksen. Probably not as the wasp, though.

You probably know that the best murdered lover reincarnated as a vengeance-seeking fly movie ever made, Eega, is available to watch on Netflix Instant right now (under a different name, Makkhi, and with a slightly different cut than the one shown at Fantastic Fest). Since you've probably already watched it, you likely have an urge to see a monster bug film that replaces Eega's adventure and fun with all-out horror.

If so, Stung may have you covered. Directed by Benni Diez, Stung is a horror comedy currently in production which revolves around a giant, fully animatronic killer wasp. Below you'll find a proof of concept video for the film, but today's real news is the release of the film's first still. In it, you can see a guy screaming, you can see the killer wasp, and you can a victim's ripped face skewered onto a claw. What more do you want?

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