Michael Chiklis Working On TV Adaptation Of Michael Chiklis’ Comic Book

Everything's coming up Chiklis!

Apparently, actor Michael Chiklis co-created a comic book called Pantheon in which Greek gods return to a messed up future Earth and try to save it from chaos. If my Google searching is correct, the book's main character is played by the likeness of Michael Chiklis, but with a goatee.

The book was five issues long, but now Chiklis and IDW Entertainment want to turn it into a TV show. I have absolutely no idea who could star in it. They're currently looking for a show runner to help make it all happen, though.

Chiklis is a great actor, as anyone who saw his powerful performance as "The Commish" on The Shield can attest. Any news that gets him back on television portends good things, so hopefully this show gets rolling very soon.