Sony Will Use More Spider-Man Heroes… But Who Are They?

The studio promises investors they'll bring more Spidey villains and heroes to the screen.

We are going to access Marvel’s full world of Spider-Man characters, so be on the lookout for new heroes and villains.

That's Amy Pascal, co-chair of Sony PIctures, talking about the studio's plans for their Spider-Man property this morning. She was speaking to investors, and this all comes at a time when Sony PIctures is shaky at best. In that same meeting the studio promised to reduce spending, to work onlywith filmmakers who respected budgets and to shift their focus to mid-range pictures and the profitable world of television (Breaking Bad has been a cash cow for Sony Pictures). Within that context it's unclear exactly what Pascal means, and if she's just trying to calm shareholders by promising them something that sounds like what Marvel Studios has been successfully pulling off.

Because quite frankly I can't think of too many heroes that would be included in the Spider-Man package that Sony has. I guess Venom's been a hero. Here's my best list of possible characters who could belong to Sony who could be 'heroes':

Black Cat - a Spider-Man love interest who is a cat burglar and who has 'bad luck powers'
Silver Sable - the badass CEO of a merc corporation
Slingers - a terrible team of characters inspired by Spider-Man who briefly had their own comic nobody read
Puma - a Native American character who turns into a pumaman. 
Rocket Racer - a dude on a rocket powered skateboard
Spider-Woman - there have been a couple of these
Firestar - don't scoff. This mutant character was created for the Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends cartoon, which might mean she is in the Spidey package. This could explain why she hasn't appeared in any of the gangbang X-Men movies yet, which have shoved in every mutant with the slightest bit of name recognition.

What's intriguing is that most of Spider-Man's allies are women. I doubt Sony's going to launch a whole slew of female-oriented Spider-Man spin-offs, but in a better world it could happen.

The downside is that Sony's commitment to the Spider-Man universe means no chance of the character reverting to Marvel. That said, Sony Picture's continuing financial issues make it more reasonable that they and Marvel Studios could reach a sharing deal of some sort. I've heard plenty of whispers this year that talks have been ongoing. Who knows what the future holds. 

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