Deathwatch 2015: FRIDAY THE 13th Joins 2015 Crowd

It's in a safer March berth, though.

Jason Voorhees is coming back. As part of the deal for Interstellar, Warner Bros returned the rights to the Friday the 13th franchise to Paramount, who promptly began developing a found footage reboot of the series. That went quiet for a while, and 2013 did not see the 13th Friday the 13th movie coming out, despite being the most ideal thing ever. 

But now Paramount has decided to movie ahead on what I believe is still a found footage movie, and they've planted a flag on March 13th, 2015, making Jason Voorhees' return come in the year defined by sequels. Unless James Bond returns to theaters in 2015 - unlikely but possible - Jason's going to be the reigning champ of sequels that year. Roll that back! Jason will be coming in second banana when it comes to sequels, since Bond 24 is coming out in November 2015!

The March release puts the film out of the over-stuffed summer, and it'll be nice counterprogramming to Disney's live action Cinderella, opening a couple of days earlier. Who is writing or directing the film? We don't know yet. All we know is that Friday the 13th Part XIII (whatever they call it) will slash in 2015.