If The Wampa Had Been In EMPIRE STRIKES BACK, He’d Have Been Huge

A behind the scenes pic reveals the towering snowman.

The Wampa was always one of my favorite bits of 'lost' cinema. Back in the day before special features and deleted scenes fans would pore over comic books based on early script drafts and publicity photos that revealed things that never made it into the film. The Wampa was one of those things; while it was briefly glimpsed in part while Luke was captured in its cave, the beast was never fully seen. There were also plans to have Wampa rampaging through Echo Base while the snowtroopers stormed the place, which would have been pretty cool, but none of it made the finished movie. Even in the cave the Wampa is mostly a presence.

But there was a guy in a full suit on set who was never glimpsed in the film (they reshot the Wampa for the Special Edition rerelease), and above is a picture of him. What I love about this picture is the sense of scale - this is a guy on stilts in a big fucking suit. As the new Star Wars gets underway I do hope that there's some throwback to this sense of practical goodness. I always want to see a guy in a suit rather than a mess of pixels. Always. 

The picture was snared from the Twitter feed of Will McCrabb, who shares lots of interesting behind the scenes photos. You should follow him because little things like this make your day brighter.

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