Paul Rudd Is Ant-Man

Edgar Wright has his hero.

We knew this for a while, but it's getting official now: Paul Rudd is going to star in Ant-Man for director Edgar Wright. A lot of sites say that he's playing Hank Pym but I am like 99% certain he's playing Scott Lang, a petty thief who steals Pym's shrinktastic Pym Particles and ant-controlling helmet. 

That makes sense because everything I hear about Ant-Man is that it's a techno-heist movie. And Lang as an accidental superhero could give the film the sort of comedic frisson we would hope from a script by Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish. And it would work perfectly for Rudd.

I like the casting for a bunch of reasons. Rudd's been great for years and everybody likes him but he hasn't had a thing that was his through and through. I'm not sure why. This is a nice opportunity. And it isn't like Ant-Man is going to take Rudd away from some Oscar movie; if anything the film will likely have the kind of humanity and pathos we find in Wright and Cornish movies, giving Rudd a little more to do than he has in the many (hilarious) comedies where we usually see him. 

And I really would like to see him show up in an Avengers movie and trade quips with Robert Downey Jr. That has to be what this is building towards, right?

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