Badass Sunday Comics #2:  ALIEN, FARGO, THE EXORCIST And More

Check out a ton of new strips from some of BAD's most creative readers!

The response to our first Badass Sunday Comics compilation was awesome. Everyone seemed like they "got" the concept instantly, submissions for our follow-up installment started arriving within hours of that post going live, and we were finally about to confirm that, yes, there is amusement to be found in any scenario wherein members of the Family Circus are viciously murdered. Not bad!

And then the holidays arrived, basically cockblocking everyone involved with Badass Sunday Comics #2 from getting their shit done. Including me! Updates were issued via Twitter - so hopefully all interested parties were able to remain informed - but still: my apologies for the delay. The good news is that extra time allowed for more people to submit strips.

And submit strips you did! The second movement in BAD's Sunday Comics cycle (not to be confused with the Cremaster Cycle) features a ton of great stuff, and all but one of the below strips were created by BAD readers. If you're interested in submitting a strip to our next installment, check out our first post for a quick rundown on what you need to include (or exclude) in your strips.

Enjoy the work below, folks, and Happy New Year!

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