A SHIELD base appears to be swiped from video game art.

An eagle-eyed Mass Effect fan noted that the SHIELD facility viewed in Agents of SHIELD episode The Bridge looks an awful lot like some Mass Effect 3 concept art. Well, more like it's actually a part of a Mass Effect 3 concept art building taken and slightly altered. Check it out:

That's a limited edition lithogram sold to tie in to Mass Effect 3; it's called Earth Alliance and I think it's from the opening of the game. 

That's the Agents of SHIELD episode that saw Mike Whatsisname training.

Here's the thing: I'm okay with this. Go look at your favorite practical effects films from the 60s and 70s. Look at the Star Wars movies. If you were to go in really close to those starship models and those hallways and stuff you'd begin to see pieces of existing model kits glued together in new ways. It's called kitbashing, and it's a time honored technique for model-makers. Does this go a bit beyond kitbashing... well, yeah, but it feels like it's in the same spirit. Hell, seeing a repurposed thing makes me feel nostalgic for the days when a matte painting might get reused, or a gym shoe showed up in a space battle (Return of the Jedi). It's got fingerprints on it... even if technically they're the fingerprints of a thief. Obviosuly the VFX guy who swiped the building should have changed more of it - the color scheme, at least!

It's unclear if this was a licensed use of the image. Videogame site Eurogamer is looking into it. 

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