Hey BAD Guys: The CHEAP THRILLS Team Wants You To Double Dog Dare Them

Come at us with your worst.

l like to think of the Badass Digest community as rife with creativity. A group of free-thinkers, with just a touch of sadism. Well, Drafthouse Films, Drafthouse founder Tim League and the cast and crew of Cheap Thrills are calling on that sadistic creativity:

Cheap Thrills has recently inspired actual human beings to willingly perform the following in front of a sold-out festival audience: guzzle a martini stirred with Ethan Embry's penis, eagerly receive the film's title tattooed on their buttocks, consume a popsicle treat adorned with live insects, and breathlessly dip their genitalia in a bowl of ghost pepper garnished Sriracha. This is only the beginning. We need your help.

We are calling on the Badass Digest community to devise as many absurd dares and non-lethal challenges that you would like to see completed by the cast and crew of Cheap Thrills and/or Drafthouse Films CEO/founder Tim League.

Beginning February 21, viewers who submit proof of purchase of a theatrical ticket stub, VOD or digital platform transaction will be able to unlock dares from a very diverse list created by you that will be performed by a member of the Cheap Thrills team or by Tim League himself. The dares will be videotaped and sent to whomever first unlocks them.  The more wild the dare, the more transactions will be required to unlock. Ready to play? Just post your idea in the comments below this article.

What do you think? We won't accept stuff that is criminal or too sexual, but the sweet spot is Jackass-level dares.

Make me proud, guys. Prove to me that I'm not wrong in thinking this is a very, very bad idea that will end in tears. Give us your worst in the comments.

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