Holy Shit, These Arnold Schwarzenegger Bud Light Commercial Commercials

Please enjoy responsibly.

In a lot of ways, commercials for commercials indicate a somewhat post-satirical society. But this is the world in which we find ourselves. Maybe it's not all bad.

Case in point, Arnold Schwarzenegger will appear in a Bud Light Super Bowl ad this year. Viewers of Saturday night's game between the New England Patriots and the Denver Broncos were treated to a couple previews of what that ad will look like. And it will look beautiful.

Now, of course, it's all online, and you can view them without having to watch a football game. The above clip is probably the more action packed of the two, but this one is easily my favorite:

This is actually part of a really big ad campaign that will apparently tell some kind of epic commercial story throughout the Super Bowl broadcast. It even has its own trailer:

This is what Reggie Watts' contribution looks like:

And here is Don Cheadle with a llama:

I hate writing about a bunch of commercials, but I am a weak man. Arnold pretending to play ping pong in a goofy wig is too much for me to ignore. Bud Light still tastes pretty awful, though.

To help clean my sold-out soul, I leave you with this:

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