What A Bunch Of A-Holes: The GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Trailer

It's finally here! Marvel's craziest movie yet!

Behold! Guardians of the Galaxy! What you see above is pretty much the same footage that drove us batty in Hall H at Comic Con last year, and maybe you can see why. This is much more finished than that footage, though, and it looks absolutely amazing. It is also a bit tighter, which maybe steps on some of the beats; I'd like this to have been a minute longer, allowing the jokes the room to breathe. 

This is very much a first trailer aimed at a virgin audience - it's all set up and quick cuts, without much of a sense of the actual plot of the film. But who cares - this gives us the look and tone of the movie, and both seem to be perfect. 

I'm psyched. By the way, this trailer gives us our first look at Doctor Who's Karen Gillen as Nebula, and she looks cool:

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