Trailer For THE FINAL MEMBER, A Documentary About The World’s Only Penis Museum

Drafthouse Films does it again with this honestly amazing doc.

The Final Member is an incredible movie. Drafthouse Films has released some terrific movies in its short time, but The Final Member is surely one of the best and certainly one of the most surprising. What begins as an examination of the world's only Penis Museum turns into a funny, weird and actually touching examination of what a legacy means, and what we live behind from our time on Earth. See, the Penis Museum has every kind of penis on display... except a human penis. There's an Icelandic man (the Penis Museum is in Iceland) who has willed his penis after her dies, but a truly bizarre American - who names his junk Elmo and tattoos the stars and stripes on it - wants to have his schlong removed before he dies so he can be the first on display.

This is a true story. 

The film is hilarious and, believe it or not, touching. This character of Tom Mitchell, the American who wants his dick removed, is a fascinating guy, unlike anyone you've ever seen on film before. The movie is coming in April; you must see The Final Member. I love this movie.

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