Adam Driver May Be Heading To Outer…. Space As STAR WARS Villain

Lena Dunham's TV boyfriend could be the new Darth Vader.

Buckle in, kids, it's about to get Star Warsy on the internet. Variety is reporting that Adam Driver - supporting star of Girls and memorable presence in Inside Llewyn Davis - is in final talks to play the bad guy in Star Wars Episode VII. Sources tell the trade he's 'in the vein of Darth Vader,' which I think means a Sith Lord. Michael Fassbender and Hugo Weaving had been up for the part, and this is the role I was pretty convinced Benedict Cumberbatch was going to get last year. At least I think it is - JJ Abrams and Lawrence Kasdan have heavily rewritten the script, so a lot of old information may not longer be good.

Apparently Driver's Girls committment has been a hang-up; future seasons of the show could conflict with future movies, which means this villain isn't a Darth Maul one-and-done character. 

Driver was also sought after for Batman vs Superman - somehow this weird, gangly dude has become the go-to actor for giant franchises. It's kind of cool that a non-traditional looking guy can get so much heat. That said, I think I like him best in character parts. What do you think of Driver as the new Darth Vader-esque baddie?

Photo by Terry Richardson.