The Rock Pretty Much Admits He’s Going To Play Lobo

The action star drops hints about which DC character he'll be, and they're easy hints.

Yesterday I sat down at a roundtable session with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson to discuss Hercules, but as will happen at these things talk turned to other movies. Future movies. Unknown future movies, such as the DC Comics movie he is rumored to be involved with. What character could The Rock play in the DC Movieverse? He had tweeted some stuff about John Stewart - could he be the new Green Lantern? We had heard rumors he could be Black Adam, the villain in a SHAZAM! movie. Is that it?

He teases:

So, you know, there's been mutual interest with myself and DC for many years to find the right character. I, like everyone here in the room, love superheroes. So there's been mutual interest with us for years, and we've been having ongoing discussions, myself and DC, for years about the right character, what the right character would be. That's another thing, too: it had to be right.

And then he offers three hints:

 I won't tell you who it is, but I'll tell you the three qualities we're looking for, okay? This is going to be fun!

Here are three qualities. The first quality we were looking for was that he had to be extremely complex and have a lot going on. What that does for me as an actor and the studio is it gives us space that we can explore; his complexities. The other quality was that he had to -- the character we were looking for had to be well-known but never brought to life. Then what that does again as an actor, it gives me a little bit of space, and we talked about personality. It just gives me a chance to put an imprint into his personality, with the set of tools that I could bring to the table and put a very unique twist on his personality, but still pay homage to who he is. The third thing -- and most important -- is he had to be a badass motherfucker, okay, and on a Superman level of power, where could throw down. In those three qualities, I'm happy we've found that character. Right now, we're out to a lot of writers.

That's Lobo. There's simply no other DC character who fulfills those requirements. 

So it looks like Lobo is getting his own movie. But will he debut there or in an upcoming DC film, like maybe Batman vs Superman?

"You never know," he said, with that Rock grin.


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