How does that movie become a TV show?

An article about changes at Paramount TV at The Wrap includes an interesting tidbit at the end: the company is developing a TV series based on the movie The Truman Show. That film, starring Jim Carrey, came out right at the beginning of the reality TV trend, and it actually was not the only film about the subject at the time - EdTV was out a few months later (and it teamed True Detectives Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey!). It's a pretty good movie, if a fairly blatant rip off of the Twilight Zone episode Special Service and the Philip K Dick novel Time Out of Joint; in the hands of Peter Weir the movie is lyrical and sweet and has intriguing mythic dimensions. 

But how do you make that a TV show? I guess you could make an actual Truman Show - put a baby in a contrived setting and watch it grow up - but our world hasn't quite gone that crazy yet. The entire point of The Truman Show (and Special Service) is that the protagonist discovers the ruse; it's hard to imagine tuning in week after week to see a guy getting fooled by everybody around him. I suppose it could be a limited series, stretching the plot of The Truman Show out to like 18 or 24 hours. It could also extend beyond the finale of the movie, but I don't know how long that sort of fish-out-of-water story would be interesting. 

What do you think? Is there a compelling TV series to be found in The Truman Show?