JJ Abrams Will Personally Destroy You If You Leak STAR WARS Information

At least that's according to a supposedly leaked new hire letter.

What's it like to work at Bad Robot, the wonderland factory where JJ Abrams constructs his Mystery Boxes? Terrifying, if the above letter is true. Furious Fanboys claim to have gotten their hands on a letter given to everybody who is hired at Bad Robot, signed by JJ himself, and it's got some dark, dark language.

First of all, I'm not sure this is even real. Whoever passed this on is probably dead meat if it is - how many new employee letters went out on April 3rd? And there's a weird sentence that feels like it should have been caught in the copy editing phase (especially if this is a form letter they have on file):

I want to take this opportunity to welome you to what will inevitably be a lot of fun, but also provide a cautionary.


If this is real, the best sentence is clearly this one, warning of what will happen to you if you leak info:

Not only will you cease to be employed here, but I will personally see to it that your reputation is destroyed, and that you never work in this industry again.

Whoa! That's heavy. I'm sure it's a little tongue-in-cheek... right? 

What do you think - is this real? I'm leaning towards no.

UPDATE: Yeah, I'm sure it's fake. What's great about this is how it's caught everybody's imagination - I got this emailed to me by three different other web guys. 

So were Furious Fanboys hoaxed or are they hoaxing us?

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