Feel Emotion And Awe In This INTERSTELLAR Trailer

Is 2014 the year we get awe back?

The new trailer for Interstellar is fucking stirring. That stuff at the end, with McConaughey and crew going to the wormhole - that has scope and meaning. The stuff with the daughter - well, it'll possibly be cloying and on the nose in the film, but in trailer form it's totally moving. And the quick bits of eco-disaster? Terrifying.

This is a very good trailer, one that continues the trajectory from that first teaser (which yes made me cry, shut up). Is it wrong that while I am excited for this film and while this trailer fills me with anticipation and excitement what I'm really interested in is hearing dipshits like celebrity conservative Adam Baldwin get upset about the global warming stuff? We're living - today, right now, in this moment - in the early stages of the dystopia Interstellar shows and there are still people denying it. 

But there's hope, and that's what resonates with me in this trailer. It looks like Nolan got a lot of the post-9/11 grimness out of his system with the Batman films, and now he can go for something more inspiring and forward-looking. 

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