Praise The Spirit In The Sky: New GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Trailer Is Here!

Marvel wants to go to the place that is best.

New Guardians of the Galaxy trailer! Yay!

It's really good, and while it calls back to Hooked on a Feeling at the end, it leans heavily on the beautifully fuzzed-out Spirit in the Sky by Norman Greenbaum. Which is terrific. 

Some highlights, for me:

- Rocket picking his crotch.

- The appearance of Knowhere, a giant Celestial head floating in space that also serves as the Guardians' base of operations.

- "I'm Groot" He does say "I'm," right?

- Glenn Close!

- It's showing a very small portion of the movie, focusing a lot on the action scenes in the prison, which means they're not giving it all away. I think Marvel actually does nice work with their trailers in this regard. 

- Scope! Scale! Jokes!

What do you think about this latest trailer?

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