Funnybook Character Archie Andrews To Be Martyred For Gun Control/Gay Rights

Nobody in Riverdale saw this coming. 

In April we told you that Archie Andrews, the star of long-running kid-oriented Archie funnybooks, would die. To be fair, he's dying in Life With Archie, a high-concept comic series that features grown-up versions of all the Archie characters in two alternate realities, one where Archie ended up with Veronica and one where he ended up with Betty. Yeah, they're doing their own thing at Archie Comics. 

Anyway, we knew this death was coming. Now we know what the circumstances are: Archie Andrews will be killed when he takes a bullet intended for his good friend Kevin Keller. Keller is a Mid-East war vet who is openly gay (the first openly gay Archie character) and who is running for office in the wake of his husband's death in a mall shooting rampage. 

For real!

Anyway, Keller is being stalked and Archie is there when the stalker tries to kill him. Heroic Archie takes the bullet (in both timelines) and croaks it, making the best pal of Jughead and a regular at Pop's Soda Shoppe a martyr for both gun control and gay rights. It's this thing that is simultaneously weird and totally awesome. It's right on the cusp of being a parody. 

Archie will live on in the regular Archie comic lines; Life With Archie is coming to an end. Since, you know, Archie's life has come to an end.

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