Marvel Is Keeping The GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Credits Tag Secret

No one will see it until the first public showing. 

Lately Marvel Studios has been generous with their post-credits tags. When I saw the first Iron Man at a press screening they kept the Nick Fury tag off the print, but when later films screened for the press the tags were there. The only exceptions were Captain America: The First Avenger, which was missing the trailer for The Avengers and The Avengers, which I saw before they even filmed the schwarma scene. 

This weekend I saw Guardians of the Galaxy, and enjoyed one fun, Guardians-focused mid-credits tag (very, very early in the credits) and then sat in my seat until the last credit rolled. As did everyone in the theater, where the lights were still out. When the movie ended there were no more tags, and the press audience actually booed. They've gotten us this well trained. 

The movie is premiering tonight in Hollywood, and James Gunn says that the tag won't be on that screening either. He wrote on Facebook:

One bit of business for those of you going to the premiere tonight: There WILL be a tag at the end of the credits on Guardians of the Galaxy, but it won't be playing tonight, just as it hasn't been playing on the press screenings. It's something we're saving for people who go see the movie on the first day in theaters around the world.

So why the secrecy? It's possible that the tag simply hasn't been shot yet - like I said, that The Avengers schwarma scene was shot after the movie premiered. Digital technology allows this sort of ultra-fast turnaround. 

The other possibility is that the tag has been shot, but that it reveals something Marvel is debuting at Comic-Con this weekend. The new Doctor Strange? That seems possible - I would not be at all surprised if the actor is announced in Hall H on Saturday. Maybe the reveal is Captain Marvel.Or maybe the tag is something none of us are even guessing at. That, I'm sure, won't stop you from trying to figure it out in the comments. 

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