First Look At BATMAN V SUPERMAN’s Bro-dacious Aquaman

Nice ink, brah. 

Zack Snyder showed up on Twitter tonight and was like, I'm just gonna leave this here and dropped the above picture of Aquaman from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice*. The tagline - Unite the Seven - is clearly the callout to the fact that this movie is a prologue to Justice League

You'll note that Aquaman is covered in tattoos, which seem to be in the shape of fish scales. There's also some tribal work, probably based on Maori body art. And then the big old trident, of course. This isn't your sissy green pantsed, blonde Arthur Curry. This is an Aquaman who will shove your 'call some fish' jokes down your throat. 

I'm curious what he looks like without the color correction. I've seen some uncorrected pictures of Batman and Wonder Woman on set and I really like Wonder Woman's color scheme. In reality that skirt is blue, and in general her outfit is closer to the comics than the initial image indicated. Batman's largely a flat grey. But what color is Aquaman's pants? It looks to me like they could actually be green. Is there any orange in that outfit at all?

About "Unite the Seven" - it's worth noting that script with which I'm familiar had Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg. There was no seventh in the script, although it's possible that the seventh member of the team - Green Lantern, one assumes - is introduced in Justice League. I had heard that Lantern wasn't showing up until the very end of Justice League Part 1, but maybe that's changed. And who knows - he could still show up in BvS. The scripted appearances by Aquaman and The Flash are very, very brief - cameos, really - and it would be easy to add Green Lantern in, possibly even with reshoots closer to release.

the actual title, believe it or not.