Jamie Foxx Could Be Revving Up For Edgar Wright’s BABY DRIVER

He would star opposite Ansel Elgort.

Edgar Wright is finally making a musical. I think Scott Pilgrim comes close, not just in the fact that it's a movie with music (and musical numbers) but also in that it's choreographed like and has the energy of an old spectacular musical. But with Baby Driver he's taking the next step and making a film that we're going to really identify as a musical. The premise is that the titular getaway driver - so young he's almost a baby! - suffers terrible tinnitus. He listens to music all the time to drown out the ringing in his ears, thus creating a constant soundtrack. And that soundtrack will play out over a botched heist as he engages in a high speed and high stakes chase. It'll be sort of the new era version of a jukebox musical. 

Ansel Elgort, from The Fault in Our Stars (and who looks like a more conventionally handsome Michael Cera) is the baby driver. Lily James, of Cinderella fame, is his girlfriend. And now Jamie Foxx is up for a role and, according to Deadline, close to signing. But what role? Is it a cop? Is it a crook who is out to get the baby driver for leaving him behind at the scene of the crime? I literally have no idea as I know exactly as much about this film as you do. 

If Foxx takes the role it will be probably the biggest (American) existing star to appear in a Wright film. The guy has an Oscar! And he can sing and dance. Is it too much to hope that the soundtrack in the driver's ears bleeds out into the real world and we get to see Foxx doing a number?

Baby Driver is a really exciting project for Wright - this is exactly the kind of movie he should be making. Here's hoping that signing Foxx gives Wright even more leeway to do this one his way.