The Canon Episode 63: O BROTHER, WHERE ART THOU?

The first Coen nomination for The Canon.

First things first: when we recorded this episode of The Canon I had not yet seen Hail, Caesar! but I now have and I will say that it's incredible. It's funny, it's smart and, like many of the Coen farces we discuss in this episode, it has a lot going on beneath the surface, stuff that will take multiple viewings to tease out. The Coens have yet to make a truly shallow film, and Hail, Caesar! has been wrongfully tarred with this brush by some lazy critics. 

O Brother is a farce that has gotten more respect over time, although perhaps not enough. It's a layered and intelligent movie whose themes resonate just as strongly in this election year as they did in 2000 and as much as they did in 1937. There's a timeless quality to the film's concerns (sadly), and there's a timeless quality to the movie's slapstick humor. 

I personally adore O Brother, but it's up to you guys to make the final call. Click here to vote in the official thread. 

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Come back next week as we discuss Broadcast News! I think Amy hates it.