ITHACA Trailer: Tom Hanks And Meg Ryan Are In Another Movie Together

Neither are in this trailer much, though.

Fans of the near mythical romantic pairing of Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan have had it rough. As far as I can tell, their last pairing came in 1998’s You’ve Got Mail. That’s quite a drought.

But have no fear! The team is back together again (though not actually ever standing together) in this trailer for Ithaca, which was directed by Meg Ryan herself:

As you can see, this isn’t really a movie about Hanks and Ryan falling in love. But they do appear to be married, so that’s something. The story instead follows some youngster who wants to be a mail courier during WWII because he enjoys bringing people really horrible news. I mean, I have to assume he does, anyway. Or maybe he thinks all that bike riding will help him stick to his New Year’s resolution to lose weight.

Ithaca, featuring music by John Mellencamp (she said while trying to convince her husband to watch the film) is expected to come out October 23.