Two Childhoods Beaten To A Pulp By JASON BOURNE

Phil and Evan have some bad news for you Bourne fans.

Sadly, this episode of the Birthcast Moviecast Deathcast Padcast Podcast is all about the disappointing Jason Bourne. I think Phil and I are about as in the bag for this series as one can get, and we still have to deliver this awful news - it's not very good.

We actually didn’t hate the film; it just has lots of problems and doesn’t live up to our Bourne expectations. Which is why our conversation is not filled with screaming anger but rather laughter and heartwarming moments of bonding along with slurry words from me because we recorded moments after I got home from a super great pool party. The pool party was way better than the Bourne. Usually it’s the other way around, even with the best pool parties.

Next week, we’re going to cover a pool party.