Uncle Billy’s Brewery And Alamo Drafthouse Celebrate HELL OR HIGH WATER With Exciting New Beer

Get ready to battle Texas heat with the LAWger.

Temperatures in Texas are skyrocketing and it’s important to stay hydrated. Aside from a steady stream of Topo Chico, it’s crucial to get a properly refreshing beer down the pipes to put that heatwave in its place. Enter Uncle Billy’s “Texas LAWger.” Yup, there’s a new brew in town from the best lil’ brewpub/ BBQ spot in Austin made specifically for the big screen bank heistin’ tale, Hell or High Water, that’s taller than Lyle Lovett’s hair.  

The Texas Rangers vs. bank robbers movie features an all-star cast (Ben Foster, Jeff Bridges, Captain Kirk) set against a scenic West Texas backdrop and can now be complimented by an incredibly dry yet drinkable lager infused with prickly pear to help viewers battle the heat.

While the film itself features plenty of frosty product placement from the Texas big boys at Lone Star and Shiner, this equally drinkable and perhaps more, dare we say, flavorful take on a cold beer to accompany the Cormac McCarthy-ian narrative is admirable. 

"Like the film, the Uncle Billy's 'Hell or High Water' Texas LAWger is a love letter to the rugged beauty of Texas. Fans of the film will love the simplicity of the beer and its ties to West Texas," says Trevor Nearburg, Head Brewwer of Uncle Billy’s. "It's a traditional style German lager with a slightly sweet maltiness enhanced with earthy, sweet flavors and a beautiful, vibrant color from prickly pear cactus grown in West Texas. It is a refreshing, easy drinking beer that will knock a Texas thirst out of its boots."

If the questionable, “nu-alterna” cover of “Knocking On Heaven’s Door” from the film’s trailer steered you away at all from this movie at all, let this special, limited edition beer bring you to the light!   

Beginning August 12, the Hell or High Water Texas LAWger will be available Alamo Drafthouse's flagship South Lamar location in Austin. Guests will be able to enjoy a pint (or 3) while watching the film or in the lobby after high-fiving the brewing team who will be around opening day to chit chat and clink glasses. Of course, Uncle Billy's Brewery will also have the beer flowing at their Barton Springs hotspot as well.  Get it fast - when it’s gone, it’s gone! Yee-haw!