Birth.Movies.Exclusive.: See The Poster For Fantastic Fest Short GIVERTAKER

Calling all Christopher Pike fans!

Today Fantastic Fest announced its short films lineup, including Givertaker by Arcanum Pictures, directed by Paul Gandersman and written and produced by Peter S. Hall. Here's the synopsis of the eleven-minute short: 

A petulant teen conducts an ancient ritual to enact petty revenge on those who she believes have wronged her in this slick Austin-shot spook’em-up.

And we're very pleased to exclusively debut the poster, by artist Stephen Andrade

As a lifelong Christopher Pike nerd, I am an enormous fan of this clear send-up to the teen horror maestro. For comparison's sake: 

And having seen Givertaker, the homage is perfectly fitting. The film's a blast, a precise yet fresh retelling of that old chestnut: mischievous teenagers will get what's coming to them. 

If you're headed to Fantastic Fest, make sure Givertaker makes your radar!