Wonder Woman Is Heading To SUPERGIRL - See The Pics

Meet President Lynda Carter.

Last night, we met Superman on Supergirl (Sid's review is forthcoming), and in a couple of weeks, we'll meet Wonder Woman! Well, sort of. Lynda Carter will be stopping by to play, no big deal, the President of the United States, under the protection of the DEO. Apparently President Olivia Marsdin is being attacked for her unpopular alien rights platform, so Kara Zor-El is probably taking her protection very personally. 

Check out images from "Welcome to Earth," this season's third episode, airing on October 24:

Supergirl is continuing in the grand DCTV tradition of stunt casting, a practice now perfected in the Berlantiverse. Lynda Carter previously guest-starred on Smallville as the Kryptonite-enhanced mother to Chloe Sullivan (Allison Mack).