This CARS 3 Teaser Wants Us To Get Serious About CARS 3

What a wreck.

Somehow, I’ve managed to go through my daily life without realizing the next Pixar movie was going to be Cars 3, a new entry into a franchise I hardly know anything about. But now reality has set in with the arrival of this confusingly dark teaser for the film:

Cars struck me as the goofiest of all Pixar movies, but this looks like a different beast altogether. The whole teaser is built around a rather dramatic car wreck followed by the tagline: “From this moment, everything will change.” Seems like a bit much for a movie about driverless cars with eyeballs, but maybe Pixar has something special up its sleeve.

I have to admit, it has me intrigued. Cars 3 won’t be directed by John Lasseter, so a departure from the norm isn’t entirely out of the cards. Like maybe Lightening McQueen will spend the whole movie in a wheelchair. That’d be something.