TRANSFORMERS 5 Poster Suggests You Rethink Things, And Y’know, Maybe That’s Not Such A Bad Idea

I mean, what are we even doing with our lives?

Y'know, this new poster for Transformers: The Last Knight has a point.

Oh, I've been rethinking things, Transformers: The Last Knight. Don't you worry about that. It's just about all I do anymore.

Where have all the heroes gone? What do we even have left anymore? Much like the ship seen just over Optimus Prime's shoulder in the one-sheet above, the majority of us are just flaming wreckage, drifting along wherever the current may take us. Maybe we'll wash up on some godforsaken beach, only to be picked over by scavengers, slowly dismantled and sold to the highest bidder. Maybe we'll slowly sink down into the depths, end up becoming homes to whatever terrifying monstrosities lurk down on the ocean floor. Maybe we'll find peace there.

Probably not.

Anyway, here's a plot synopsis for Transformers: The Last Knight:

The destruction that followed has now led to Transformers being hunted down without mercy. Though there was a time when humans were working with Autobots, there’s now a mandate for a new team called the Transformers Reaction Force (TRF) to eradicate all of the Transformers, regardless of their affiliation. New cast member Santiago Cabrera is the leader of this team.

Transformers: The Last Knight arrives on June 23rd, 2017. Michael Bay directed it.